• Skilled and talented stonemasons
  • We pride ourselves on the personal service we offer
  • A message carved in stone


As genuine and skilled craftspeople, we pride ourselves on the personal service we offer and we take account of your wishes in designing a beautiful memorial which is a fitting, individual and a lasting tribute to your loved one.

Our highly experienced and creative masons design and prepare memorials of great beauty and artistic achievement. These talented craftsmen take pride in their finished work, ensuring that it is of the highest quality.

Annual Maintenance

After a first, initial renovation of a memorial, a year later we like to re visit the memorial to check for any subsidence that may have occurred since re fixing back into the cemetery. At this time, we offer our families the chance to have the memorial cleaned and the surrounding grass trimmed and tidied.

An annual maintenance schedule could then be put into place so that a maintenance estimate could be sent to you asking if you would like us to complete this service for you that year. Prices start from as little as £45.00 per year per visit.


Over the years, the elements can cause some damage to the memorial and the inscriptions can become faded or totally illegible.

We can provide a renovation service, which can be carried out on site or in our workshop. Our skilled stonemasons will take great care of the memorial in restoring it back into its former glory.

Floral Tributes

Placing floral tributes on the graves of loved ones can sometimes be difficult, for a number of reasons. So why not let us place them for you.

We can offer you the peace of mind of knowing that your floral tribute and personal message has been placed on a specific memory date or anniversary for you, for example a birthday bouquet or Easter daffodils. Or perhaps a single red rose, just to let them know that they are remembered and in your thoughts.

Our floral service offers seasonal flowers (wreaths at Christmas) in either a cellophane wrap placed onto the grave or a posy of flowers arranged in the memorial vase. All prices include cleaning of the metal vases and removal of any litter and old floral tributes. A remembrance card with your personal message will be placed with each arrangement free of charge.

Additional Inscriptions

To add another inscription to an existing memorial the stone would be removed to our workshop for full renovations and an additional inscription, to match the existing lettering, would be added. Our experienced stonemason will skilfully match the original lettering already on the memorial by finding the exact font or hand design each letter to match. The memorial would then be re fixed back into the cemetery using the correct NAMM (National Association of Memorial Masons) specifications for health and safety.