• Skilled and talented stonemasons
  • We pride ourselves on the personal service we offer
  • A message carved in stone

Our services

As well as a large range of quality memorials we offer a selection of services to ensure your memorials are well maintained

  1. Additional Inscriptions – To add another inscription to an existing memorial

    A memorial can be removed to our workshop for full renovations and an additional inscription, to match the existing lettering, would be added. Read more.

  2. Renovations – To clean, re highlight and re fix older memorials

    We can provide a renovation service, which can be carried out on site or in our workshop. Read more.

  3. Annual Maintenance – A yearly clean of an existing memorial

    After a first, initial renovation of a memorial, a year later we like to re visit the memorial to check for any subsidence that may have occurred since re fixing back into the cemetery. Read more

  4. Floral Tributes

    Placing floral tributes on the graves of loved ones can sometimes be difficult, for a number of reasons. So why not let us place them for you. Read more.

National Accreditation

We are members of NAMM which safeguards the interests of the bereaved through the promotion of high standards, wide choice and increased understanding in all matters relating to natural stone memorials.