Full kerbset memorials

Polished Blue Pearl Granite

Polished Blue Pearl Granite heart headstone with floral design, kerbset and ledger (cover)
36”high x 36”wide x 84”deep

Polished Black Granite

Polished Black Granite temple style headstone with canopy, spiral columns, spiral topped kerbset and corner posts with spheres
42”high x 36”wide x 84”deep

Polished Warwick Grey Granite

Polished Warwick Grey Granite round top headstone on plinth, rising steps and ledger (cover) with turned vase
36”high x 36”wide x 84”deep

Polished Dark Grey Granite

Polished Dark Grey Granite shaped page book, square base and kerbset
Flower vase in base optional at no extra cost
28”high x 32”wide x 82”deep

Polished Black Granite classic

Polished Black Granite classic Ogee top headstone with kerbset and corner posts. Flower vases can be inserted into corner posts if preferred.
36”high x 36”wide x 84”deep
Single vase can be supplied £280.00 including vat

Polished Lunar Grey Granite

Polished Lunar Grey Granite Kerbset, high back kerb with flower vase and sloped tablet
9”high x 36”wide x 84”deep